Broadcasts Section Overview

Andrew B

In this article, we will cover the Broadcasts Section located in Marketing. Below is a video to help you get started!

Prior to getting started, you will need to have the following:

  • An active ClickFunnels 2.0 account.

How do you tell your customers about a new product, any promotions, or updates from your business? There are different ways to send your message; one of the best methods is using email systems.

ClickFunnels 2.0 Broadcast Email Messenger lets you send bulk emails to your customers immediately or at a future date.


How To Create a Broadcast Email Messenger

  1. Select Marketing from the left-side menu.

  2. Click the Create Broadcast button on the next page.
    Important reminder: The system will display a pop-up modal with the following options: (a.) ClickFunnels Templates, (b.) My Templates, and (c.) Start from blank.

    a.  The ClickFunnels Template option displays the built-in templates from ClickFunnels.

    b.  The My templates option displays your created email templates. If you have not made an email template before, you will not see any email templates in this option.

    c.  The Start from blank option lets you create an email template.

  3. We selected Start from blank in this lesson. The start from blank button displays a new page showing (a.) Name, (b.) From address, and (c.) Subject. 
    a.  Type the Subject you want to use for your email template.
    b.  Type the Name you want to use for your email template on the name input field.
    c.  Select the email address you will use to send your email from the From address drop-down field.

  4. Click the Discard button to stop creating the email template, or click the Create template button to continue to the email editor. 

    Important reminder.
    The system will display a new pop-up modal showing the following options (from top-left to bottom-right): (a.) Layout, (b.) Template, (c.) Preview, (d.) Save and exit, (e.) Content, (f.) Rows, and(g.) Settings.

    a.  The Layout option displays the breakdown of the elements in the email template. This option is a practical way to identify better the element you want to edit.

    b.  The Template option displays two choices: Save as template and Switch template. The Save as template option lets you save your work and continue editing. The Switch template option lets you change the template.

    c.  The Preview Icon lets you see the email template on a new browser. This option helps you see the email's appearance when previewed on a web browser.

    d.  Save and Exit saves your work, then takes you back to the broadcast page.

    e.  Content displays the elements you can add to your email template.

    f.  Rows lets you choose the type of row you want to add. The system lets you select different types of rows divided into different numbers of columns.

    g.  Settings display the available options for the email template.

  5.  Click the Save and exit button to return to the marketing page.

    Important reminder: The system takes you to the Marketing Templates page, where you can verify the new template.

  6. Select Broadcast from the sub-menu, then click the Create Broadcast button.

  7. Select My Templates from the pop-up modal.

  8. Select the template that you created.

  9. The system will take you to Broadcast Settings, where you will fill out the following fields: (a.) Broadcast Name, (b.) Topics, (c.) Send to, (d.) From Email Address, (e.) From Name, (f.) Subject line, and (g.) Preheader.

    a.  Broadcast name is the title of the email broadcast.

    b.  Topics are the tag of your email broadcast. Important note: Your Broadcast "topic" indicates what kind of content you will cover in your email. You can attach multiple topics to one email. Your contacts can subscribe/unsubscribe to topics.

    c.  Send to the contacts who will get your email broadcast.

    d.  The email field is where you select the email address you will use to send the email.

    e.  From name is the name that will show on your contacts’ inbox when they get your email.

    f.  The subject line is the subject of your email, and;

    g.  Preheader is the preheader of your email.

  10. Sending Options displays two options: (a.) Immediately or (b.) Later.

    a.  Under the (a1.) Immediately Sending Option click the (a2.) Delete the broadcast button if you want to delete the email you created, the (a3.) Discard button to ignore your changes, the (a4.) Save as draft button to save the changes you have made, or (a5.) Schedule a broadcast to send the email broadcast immediately.

    b. Under the (b1.) Later Sending Option selects the(b2.) date, the (b3.) time, andthe (b4.) timezone when you want your email broadcast to send out. Click (b5.) Delete the broadcast button if you want to delete the email you created, the (b6.) Discard the button to ignore your changes, the (b7.) Save as draft button to save the changes you have made, or (b8.) Schedule broadcast to send the email broadcast immediately.

  11. The system displays a pop-up modal that tells you your email broadcast is sent or scheduled (depending on the sending option you selected).

If you have any questions about this, please contact our Support Team by clicking the Support Icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.