Sharing Account Access with our Support Team

Rohini K

The support team does not have access to your account for security reasons. If you would like one of our support team members to access your account, then you would need to add them as a Collaborator.


Adding a Collaborator;


  1. Click on Settings in the Dashboard and then Click on Collaborators


  2. Click on Add new Collaborator


  3. Click on the (+) sign next to Team Member


  4. Add the support team member's Email address , First name and Last name and Click on Create


  5. Select the Team member name from the dropdown, Provide Administrator access, and click Create collaborator

  6. Congratulations! You have successfully added the support team member as a collaborator!


  7. Once your issue is resolved, please be sure to remove the team member from your team by going to your team settings and removing them as a member.