Courses: Step by step guide on how to build a course


This article will explain Courses. This will be your intro to building a course showing you what you have to do in order to make your very first course go live! 

Prior to getting started, you will need to have the following:

  •  A ClickFunnels 2.0 account
  • A Site set to public

How to create a course:

  1. Click on Site and Funnels.
  2. Click on Courses.
  3. Click on New course. 
  4. Select the Basic course option.
  5. Add the following:

    a.  Name of the course

    b.  Description (optional)

    c.  Edit the path if needed

    d.  Select a theme for your course

    e.  Add a Thumbnail image

    f.  Click on create course

  6. You can add content to the course from the Modules tab.
  7. The enrollments tab will show all your enrolled customers.
  8. By default, your contact will be enrolled in every course you create.

Important notes:

  • Even when your default contact is enrolled, it won't show in the Enrollment area. It is hidden to avoid affecting your course completion average.
  • That information will be available in your Contacts area. Click on your default contact, and the enrolled courses will show under the Enrollment tab. 

Editing your course

  1. Click on Customize to open the editor.
  2. The Course Editor will open.
  3. In the Templates area, you will find two different templates:

    a.  Default Module template: This is how all your Modules will look. This template will save you a lot of time since this template will be applied to all your modules.

    b.  Default Lesson template: This is how all your lessons will look. This template will save you a lot of time since the template will be applied to all your lessons.
    Important note:
    Elements inside brackets will automatically update with the information about your course.

  4. Inside the Default Lesson template, you will see a Dynamically Replaced area. This area will allow you to add content to each one of the lessons, so it is vital to have it there.

Adding and editing Lessons

  1. While being on the editor, click on Course.
  2. To create new lessons, hover your mouse over the desired Module and click on Add Lesson.
    Important note: You can create a sub-module by clicking on Add new module.
  3. To edit an existing lesson, click on the module to expand the content.
  4. Click on the Lesson you want to edit.
  5. You can start adding or editing the content in the Module content area.

Enrolling your customers

There are three different ways for your customers to enroll in your courses: 

  • By buying a product
  • Via Funnel-Workflow 
  • By manually enrolling them

Enrolling your customers after purchasing a product

  1. Click on Products.
  2. Click on the gear icon of the product you want to link with your course.
  3. Scroll down to reach the Purchase Actions area and click on the + symbol next to Course Access.
  4. A new tab will appear showing your Courses. Select the desired course and click on Save. 

Via Funnel and Workflow

For this option, you will need a funnel created.

  1. Inside your funnel, click on the lightning icon next to the step to add a Workflow.
  2. You can choose an existing Workflow or create a new one. For this example, we will select New Workflow.

  3. Add a name for the workflow.
  4. Select an event type.
  5. Click on Create Workflow.
  6. You can start editing your Workflow. Click on the + symbol to add an action.
  7. Select the Enroll action.
  8. Select a course and click on Create Step.

Manual enrollment

  1. Go to the Contacts menu.
  2. Click on the desired contact to open the Contact’s profile tab.
  3. Click on Enrollments, then Manage enrollments.
  4. Click on Add enrollment. 
  5. Select the desired course and click on Save.

Setting up your Customer Center

This is where your customers will log in and access your courses. 

  1. Click on Site and Funnels
  2. Click on Customer Center
  3. Customer center dashboard:

    a. This is the link you will share with your customers

    b. You can preview your page from here

    c. You can customize the page from here

    d. Edit your customer settings from here

  4. Editing your Customer Center Settings

    a.  You can select which features to show on your page by selecting them from the Visibility area.

    b.  You can edit your Page’s title and add additional links from the Configure Costumer Center area

    c.  You can edit the background color of your page from here

If you have any questions about this, please contact our Support Team by clicking the Support Icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.