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This article will cover information on the Courses Dashboard. The Courses are located within the Site & Funnels tab on the dashboard.

This feature will allow you to create a membership-style site for your customers.




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Hamburger Icon

Clicking the Hamburger Icon will collapse the Site & Funnels menu to the left of the Courses screen, giving you more space to view your Courses. To reverse the process and bring back the Site & Funnels menu, simply click on the Hamburger Icon again.


The search feature allows you to search for any course. Simply click in the search box and type in the name of the course you are looking for.


The Filter allows you to set up certain filters to display certain courses. When clicking the Filter button, you can set up a new filter, save the filter, or use a previously saved filter.


This will allow you to display your courses differently, like by when they were added or alphabetically by their titles.


Page Select

If there are more courses than can fit on the screen, you can scroll through the pages of courses by clicking on the number selector in the bottom right corner.



This will display all of your courses.


This will display only your published courses.

Coming Soon

This will display only courses that have been set to publish on a particular day and time in the future.



This will display only your drafts of your courses.



This will display the title of your course and your course’s image if one is already set up.

Completion Average


This will show the average completion percentage of your customers within your courses.


This will display the number of members within each course.



This will show if a course is a Draft, Published, or set to publish in the future.

Modify Columns

This will allow you to add and remove columns of information on your courses dashboard.


Open in New Window

This will allow you to preview your course in a new window.



Clicking the Duplicate button will clone the course and add it to your courses dashboard.


Edit Layout

This will allow you to change the overall layout of your course.

Edit Settings

This will allow you to access the settings of the course, where you can make changes to items such as the title of the course, the course’s description, the course’s image, etc.


New Course

This will allow you to create a new course. Once the New Course button is clicked, a pop-up will appear with the options Create From Blank, Basic Course, and Nested Course.


Create From Blank

This will allow you to create a course completely from scratch.


Basic Course

This will allow you to create a basic course with lessons.


Nested Course

This will allow you to create a course with modules, and lessons within those modules.

Learn More About Courses

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