Editor : How to Set the Shadow Location on Popups

Robert Salonga

This article explains how to move the Shadow Location of a Popup. There are going to be instances where you want the shadow of a popup to be at a certain location, depending on your style and preference.


Prior to getting started, you will need to have the following:

  • An existing page

  • A popup

Step to set the Location of the Shadow of your Popup:

  1. At the top of the editor screen, hover over the Popups tab.

  2. Then, select Edit settings from the drop-down menu.

  3. On the right-hand menu, scroll down to Shadow, then, click the Toggle to Enable the Shadow option.

    In the Shadow menu are two options that will allow you to move the Location of your Popup Shadow: X-direction and Y-direction.

    1. The X-direction allows you to move the Shadow of your Popup horizontally to the left or to the right of the Popup.

    2. The Y-direction allows you to move the Shadow of your Popup vertically up or down of the Popup.

  4. Congratulations! You have learned to adjust the Location of the Shadow of your Popup!

If you have any questions about this, please contact our Support Team by clicking the Submit a Request button at the top right-hand corner of this page and then the Help button at the bottom left of the ClickFunnels Page.