Editor : Adding a Blog Categories Name Element

Andrew B

This article will explain how to add a Blog Categories Name Element onto a page. The Blog Categories Name Element will allow you to show the name of the category of blogs that are displayed.


Prior to getting started, you will need to have the following:

  • A Blog page on your site

  • A section and row on the page

Adding a Blog Categories Name Element

  1. Open the page editor for the page where you would like to add the input element.

  2. Mouse over the Section and Row on the page or over an element that would be above the element being added to the page. Click on the add element button displayed in orange.


  3. Scroll down or type “Name” into the search bar to find the blog post categories element icon under blog : categories.

  4. Left-click on the link element icon or left-click-hold on the icon and drag it to the desired position.

  5. Left-click and hold on to the cross-arrowed move icon and drag it to the desired position on the page.

  6. Then in the top right of the editor click Save.

  7. Congratulations! A Blog Categories Name element has been added to the page!


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