Is ClickFunnels a Visual Funnel Builder?

Robert Paisley

If you’re like most funnel hackers I know, you start by grabbing a piece of paper to map out your funnel before building it inside of ClickFunnels.

There’s just something about visualizing the entire thing that makes it easier to find and fill gaps and customize an experience that converts effectively.

Now you can do that with ClickFunnels 2.0

Our visual funnel builder allows you to customize funnels however you like, even splitting paths and automatically triggering different things based on the user’s behavior.

This is easily the most powerful funnel builder on the market today. And we can’t wait for you to play with it.

You get access to the Visual Funnel Builder and so much more for a starting price of $127 a month! Compare us to the competition. We have everything you need to in one place.


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