Step-by-Step guide to attaching a product to a Funnel

Alejandra C

Setting up a product allows you to track sales, manage revenue versus cost, and automate responses.  This process is required to use the electronic storefront tools available through ClickFunnels. You'll need a product on your order form, whether your product is digital or physical. 

As an order form step will only work with a product, making a product before launching a funnel is essential. If you still need to do so, you can create an order form page, or a funnel with an order form step, so that you can follow along.  This will help you to get the most out of this article.

Step by Step Walk Through:

  1. From the left side menu, click on Products.
  2. Click on Create Product.
  3. Select an option for your product between digital, physical, or bundle. For this example, we will choose digital.
  4. Add a Name for your product.
  5. Add a Description. (Optional)
  6. Click on Create Product when you have completed that information.
  7. In the next tab, select if your product is a one-time or a subscription product.
  8. Add a price for your product.
  9. Add a Compare At amount. (Optional)
  10. Add a Price Name (optional). This is the listed name for the product when the price is listed.  
  11. Add the per-unit cost of your product. This helps to track your net revenue.  
  12. When completing these steps, click Create Price.
  13. On the Product page, you can adjust the current information and also:
    Set an image for the product

    b)  Set the product as taxable

    c)  Set an SKU number

    d)  Select purchase actions like giving access to a digital asset or a course

    e)  Set variants for the product

    f)  Edit the SEO information

  14. To add the product to your Funnel, click on Site & Funnels.
  15. Click on Funnels.
  16. Select the Funnel where you want to add the product. (This funnel must have an order form page)
  17. Click on the three dots on the right of the Order Page and select Add Products.
  18. From the left side tab, click on Add Product.
  19. Select the desired product.
  20. Congratulations! Now you know how to attach a Product to a Funnel. 

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