Step-by-Step guide to Creating a WorkFlow to Send an Email

Alejandra C

Using workflows to send an email can help deliver something of value, confirm a recent opt-in, or follow up with a new lead.  This can help to turn a lead into a contact.  

A workflow automates this process and can be triggered by a lead reaching a specific step, making a purchase, opting in, or several other triggers.  

In a previous version of ClickFunnels, email-sending workflows were known as ‘Follow-Up Funnels.’  Since workflows can be used for various tasks, this version of ClickFunnels uses the name ‘Workflow’.

Step by Step Walk Through:

  1. From the left side menu, click on Marketing.
  2. Click on Workflows.
  3. Click on Add New Workflow.
  4. Add a Name for your Workflow.
  5. For the Run type, you can select:
    • Multiple runs per contact (simultaneously). It will run the workflow every time it is triggered, even if this happens simultaneously with another run for the same contact.
    • Multiple runs per contact (back to back). It will wait for the first workflow to finish before starting the next one.
    • Only one run per contact. It will run the workflow only once for a given email address
  6. Click Create Workflow when you are finished.
  7. You will be taken to the Workflow layout page.
  8. Click on No trigger set to select a trigger.
  9. Click on Add a trigger.
  10. It is recommended to leave the Workflow inactive until you have it fully set up.  This is to avoid sending the workflow before it is ready.
  11. The Event Type lists potential triggering events for the workflow (adding or removing a contact tag, a successful purchase, a successful opt-in, or a pageview following an opt-in)
  12.  Select the Funnel and page where you want to trigger your event from. 
  13. Click on Create Trigger once you have completed these steps.
  14. If you want this workflow triggered by another event, you can choose the Add a Trigger button again.  
  15. You can edit your existing trigger with the edit button or activate it with the toggle to the right of the trigger.  
  16. When satisfied with your triggers, click Close to close the popup window.
  17. Click the plus button following the Workflow Triggers window to add an event.  
  18. There are several options for what events you can set up, but in this video, we will use Click Send Email to set up this email event.
  19. Add a name for your email.
  20. Select a template.
  21. If you want to customize this template, click the checkbox for Design email.
  22. Add a Subject.
  23. Add a pre-headline.
  24. Select the From Address. 
  25. Click on Create Step.
  26. You will be taken to an edit page where you can edit your email template. 
  27. Click on Save and exit when finished.
  28. If you want to send a second email, we can add a Delay event by clicking on the plus sign after our example email.  
  29. Click on the Delay event.
  30. Set the delay to minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or even years after the first email is sent. Click Create when finished.
  31. Congratulations! Now you know how to create a Workflow to send an email.

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