Step-by-Step guide to creating a Daily Deal Funnel

Alejandra C

Companies like Living Social and Groupon made the Daily Deal Funnel famous by getting companies to make an irresistible offer to get new clients into the front door. You can quickly create an offer and run it as an evergreen campaign to consistently bring new people into your business. 

Step by Step Walk Through:

    1. From the left side menu, click on Site and Funnels.
    2. Click on Funnels.
    3. Click on Recipes to find the pre-made funnel templates.
    4. Click on Sell a product to filter the types of templates.
    5. Select the Daily Deal Funnel.
    6. The Daily Deal Funnel has two pages: an order page and a thank you page.
    7. Add a name for your funnel, then click Create Funnel.
    8. Now, you will see the Funnel Workflow for your new Daily Deal Funnel. 
    9. Click on the Order Page to edit it.  
    10. You can choose a template from the Order Templates or create a new page from scratch by selecting the New Page button.  
    11. Add a name and a brief description for your page.  
    12. A page URL will auto-generate, but it can be changed.  
    13. You can set up SEO settings to help search engines index your page.
    14. To edit the content of your page, click on Edit to open the page editor.
    15. You can start editing your page as needed. Adding or removing sections, rows, or elements. Your goal in this step is to present your video to promote your product.
    16. An Order page needs two elements to work as expected:
          • A checkout element
          • A product added to the page
    17. Click Save once you have finished editing your page.
    18. Repeat the process to edit your Thank you page.
    19. Congratulations! Now you know how to create a Daily Deal Funnel.

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