The FunnelHub

Robert Salonga

Question: What is a FunnelHub?
Answer: Your FunnelHub is the "home page" for your business and is the first thing people find when searching for you on the internet. A FunnelHub is where credibility, movement, offers, and publishing come together to tap into your Shadow Sales Funnel.

Question: What is the difference between a website and a FunnelHub?
Answer: The main difference is the content strategy (Shadow Sales Funnel). The idea behind content strategy is every page in your funnelhub leads back to your funnel.

Question: What is the Shadow Sales Funnel?
Answer: The Shadow Sales Funnel is a framework that explains that you do not need to make any changes to your funnel or drive traffic to your website to generate a sale. It is what your prospects learn about your business when they research you on the internet (e.g., About Us, Products, Testimonials).

Under the Shadow Sales Funnel Framework are two types of internet traffic. The first is Active Shadow Traffic, which is defined as prospects who are IN your funnel and are considering buying your offer but want to make an informed decision before actually buying.

The second type of internet traffic is called Passive Shadow Traffic, which is defined as prospects who have heard about your offer and are NOT in your funnel but are also building an informed decision on whether to take your offer or not.

The ultimate goal of the Shadow Sales Funnel is to drive your internet traffic back to your funnel.

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