ClickFunnels 2.0 Product Updates (Updated Weekly)


This is your home for weekly product updates! We will give you the latest insight into our product team's latest work. 

What's new?




  • If you have an image placeholder on the page, but no image, the image placeholder will no longer render.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • If you override a style guide setting for columns, it now sticks.
    • Column Style Guide Override.
    • The Save warning was the wrong size.
  • Overlapping nodes display a white box around them.  This has been removed.


  • Email Broadcast Page UI changes for ease of use. 
  • Change the way broadcast stats are calculated for better accuracy.
  • Fixed an issue where some broadcasts were getting stuck.
  • Ensure Domains sending emails have DKIM set up. 


  • Improvements to the look, feel, and speed of the following Reports:
    • Optins
    • Pageviews
    • Subscriptions by product
  • Added a live mode toggle to reports, which allows you to see what is happening on your funnel in real time.
  • Improvements to the customer Search Filter.


  • You can add a reason when they self-cancel a subscription. 
  • The billing address is now stored in Payments.AI when a purchase is made.


  • Add an index to archived Funnels which allows you to see the list of your archived funnels. 
  • Add a search for a product to a funnel, allowing easier connection of the product to the funnel.
  • Fixed an issue where closing a window popup would change your location. 

User Interface/user experience:

  • Add a number of alerts to “toast”
    • Toast is when a piece of text pops up at the bottom of the screen. It looks like a piece of toast popping onto the screen.
  • Remove the code component “Futurize” from the templates.
    • Provides more stability to templates in ClickFunnels.


  • Settings for a course will now include the thumbnail. 




  • You can now enforce Paypal on your checkout Elements
  • You can now preview content without a template selected.
  • From your templates and themes, “display none” on the Borders of elements is now inherited with a toggle.
    • If you had a “display none” setting on your theme border, a page may not respect the display none.  This code implements a fix for that. 
  • Fixed a bug where non-visible form sections were being considered for submission.
    • If you submitted a form that had certain fields set to not visible, the form might not submit.  This code implements a fix for that.  
  • Trial amounts are considered for subtotals.  
    • If you have a product that trials for 5.00$ for 14 Days then 29.99 a month.  This code ensures that the 5.00 trial is included in the subtotal of the invoice presented to the user.
  • Visible Products only are visible in product collections.
    • For various reasons, you may have products that are set to not visible.  This code ensures that the products (not visible) are not displayed.
  • Various Format Fixes:
    • Background Colour for Dynamic Elements.
    • Action Button not working on a cloned element
    • Button Click on the style guide.
    • Nav element fixes
    • Overlapping white box fix
  • 3DS Asynchronous Flow
    • When using a checkout element, there are considerations for asynchronous 3DS workflows.  The editor now allows this to work.
  • Prevent resubmission of the same order token.
    • If your users click to purchase and click again this code ensures that they do not get charged twice.
  • Improved Order Error Display


  • Fixed an issue where accounts with large numbers of contacts do not load.
  • Remove Unused From Address on the broadcast page.
  • Various typo Fixes
  • Improve Customer Search Filter
  • Broadcast time zone to match users rather than the system timezone.


  • Improvements to the look, feel, and speed of the following Reports:
    • All Sales
    • Sales By Funnel
    • Sales by Product
    • Optins By Funnel
    • All Pageviews
    • All Subscriptions
    • Passed time range All Sales
    • Optins by Landing Page
    • Pageviews by Funnel


  • Redacting IP addresses by account visits. [GDPR]


  • The Payment Instrument is added to the order at checkout from the UI, rather than from the credit card. 
  • Fix applied to how charges are prorated for subscriptions.
  • Search filter fixes applied for orders. 
  • (internal affiliates)- Update Affiliate Payout Export to be directly compatible with Tipalti Affiliate Import. 
  • Fixed a Tax Category ID bug.


  • Bugfixes for:
    • Next Step Button in split tests.
    • Stats in the workflow loading times.
    • Funnel Analytics bug
    • Fix Funnel Layout Bug

User Interface/experience:

  • Visual improvements for card styles
  • Visual improvements for Icon Spacing
  • User Experience improvements for Gallery Deletion.
  • Updated support for the Safari browser.


  • Improvements in Course Sharing 
  • Improvements in Course Navigation
  • Improvements in Course Settings
  • Improve image upload for Courses
  • Update lesson page title.
  • Fixed an intermittent bug where the Customer Center may get stuck in draft.
  • Improve classroom view in Courses. 


  • Improved Order Summary.
  • Improved fulfilments
  • Improved decimal place handling for orders

Core Application

  • Cleanup look and feel of:
    • Buttons
    • Refresh
    • Routes
  • Extended the number of domain extensions allowed to be added to ClickFunnels

Aside from the above specifics, the ClickFunnels team has published a number of new functions to the 2 coming soon features of Community and E-Commerce.  The features listed here are the features that are visible from a user’s perspective.  We are always endeavoring to increase security, performance, API, and Webhook functionality which may not be visible to the Clickfunnels User;  These updates are typically not listed.




  • Users that have accounts that do not have a domain configured can still log in. (bugfix)
  • Deleting a contact causes an error (bugfix)
  • Search Orders can be filtered by contact name


  • Create a manual payout process
  • Bug fix to manual payout process
  • Export report process
  • Create an Export file for download


  • Fix API contact Index bug
  • Documentation auto-generation fixed
  • Bugfix to allow for the creation of Contacts via the API

CF2 - Domains

  • Domain setup not working on `TXT` records. (bugfix)

Community (coming soon!  Not visible to Users)


  • Allow for GDPR Deletion of user data.

Core (infrastructure, clusters, and tiers)

  • Reserve Domain Names and Paths so that users who try and use developer standard paths will be shown an error.
  • Internal Role Support, providing extra privileges for internal users.


  •  Enforce Audio Lesson Permissions
  • Fix Flash Notification for our user when a contact is enrolled in a course


  • Ensure Domain names do not have whitespace.


  • Fix Corner settings bug
  • Fix Custom Input breaks page bug
  • Course Module name disappears, bug fix.


  • Fix issue with filters on broadcasts with accounts that have large numbers of contacts (1M+)
  • Fix template search bug.
  • DKIM Keys not verifying, add a Retry 3 times per day job.
  • Add a feature gate to allow for the blocking of specific trademark names in the DKIM verification process.


  • UI Improvements around test cards, making it easier for users to identify test cards.
  • Bug fix for transaction validations.
  • Ensure tax jurisdictions are being passed from Payments.AI
  • Redirect Customers to complete setup when Payments.AI is not setup instead of presenting an error.
  • Bug fix to cancel canceled subscriptions instead of abandoning them and leaving users subscribed.


  • Add Price and Name validation for products